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Dancer & Fitness Instructor



Welcome to my website and blog!

I work as a dancer, teacher & fitness instructor in central London and I absolutely love my job!

I believe the most important thing we have in life is our health. If we want to lead a good quality of life, we need to look after our bodies and keep ourselves fit so that we can stay active and continue doing the things we love right into old age!

Keeping fit and eating healthily shouldn’t be a chore… Exercise should be something you look forward to, something that you WANT to do each day and something that leaves you buzzing afterwards!

The Jungle Body programmes combine all the things I enjoy most – Dance, awesome music, a hardcore physical challenge and plenty of fun and laughs! I love what I do, I feel the benefits myself and I love the feedback I get from people who try my classes and find it works for them too!

It’s not just a great cardio workout; you will also tighten, tone, build strength, improve coordination and pick up some wicked dance moves too! 😉 So if you haven’t tried KONGA yet, come and give it a go! It will leave a smile on your face for sure!

Any questions, please get in touch!

Dani xxx


Love all kinds of dance?
I also teach Cuban Salsa & Reggaeton!
Check out: www.havanalondres.co.uk

The Jungle Body with Dani